why the deeper youth conference?

If you are someone who works in youth ministry, you know that there are a lot of youth conferences out there already, each with distinct emphases and strengths. So why do we need another one? Or, in other words, why should you try to find room in your already busy schedule to bring your youth group to yet another event?

Good question, and we’re glad you asked it!

The Deeper Youth Conference was not created to compete with existing events, but rather to provide something new, a resource to come alongside what you are already doing in your churches, youth ministries, and families.

According to numerous studies, we live in a church culture in which many of our young people do not know what Christianity is all about, and an alarming number of them will leave the church after high school. At Deeper, we seek to provide an environment where young people can choose from a variety of quality classes specifically designed to help them ask tough questions, deepen their faith, and learn what Christianity is really about while they are still teens.

In short, we want our young people to have a faith which will last for a lifetime, and the Deeper Youth Conference is all about making that goal a reality.

We hope you’ll choose to come and take part.