The Deeper Youth Conference was created as a resource to help young people develop a deep faith which will last a lifetime, but the development of faith is a process that takes much longer than a single weekend.

To help with that process, we are excited to offer Deeper Youth Resources. These resources, consisting of Bible Class Curriculum, Youth Group Retreat Packages, eBooks, and more, are all specifically designed to encourage young people to deepen their faith.

Here are the core values which drive our resources:

Christ Centered: It is essential that a deep faith be focused on Jesus. Our resources seek to point people to the person and work of Jesus Christ, as described and revealed in the pages of Scripture.

Intellectually Challenging: Our resources seek to engage the intellect God created us with in order to see what the Bible has to say about the world's tough questions, and to learn why we believe what we do.

Intergenerational: Research has shown that one of the keys in helping young people create a lasting faith is for them to develop close relationships with older Christians who can model faith for them. Our resources seek to provide opportunities for those relationships to develop.

Discussion Based: Young people who are brought up in the church spend a lot of time in Bible classes and listening to sermons, but studies show that almost all of them struggle to put their faith into their own words. Our resources provide frequent venues for discussion which allows students to practice doing exactly that.

High Quality: Despite all the characteristics mentioned above, our resources won't be beneficial to many people if they are unattractive or of poor quality. We aim to produce attractive, well-designed materials that are relevant to the lives of young people.