By now, you have probably read or heard that studies have repeatedly shown that youth workers have a lot of work to do: about half of our young people are leaving the church after they graduate high school.

Furthermore, American teens struggle to put into words what the Christian faith is all about, and what’s worse, many of them don’t even know what it is about, and have replaced the teachings of Scripture and the demands of discipleship with a watered-down Christianity which makes them feel good. Jesus is viewed as someone who will come to their aid when they are in trouble, but doesn’t make any demands of their lives.

These realities should not cause us to wring our hands in despair, but they should cause us to do something to address the problem.

It is in the context of this problem, and our desire to fight against it, that Deeper Youth Ministry was born. DYM sponsors the Deeper Youth Conference, a two-day event for 6th-12th graders in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which will be held on March 13-14, 2015.

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About the Founders

Luke Dockery

Luke has been in youth ministry for over ten years, and has been at the Farmington Church of Christ since 2006, where he currently serves as Associate Minister. He loves teenagers, and is devoted to helping them come to mature faith in Jesus. He and his wife Caroline have been married since 2006, and they have one daughter, Kinsley.

Jake Greer

Jake began his journey in youth ministry in Northwest Arkansas in the Summer of 2008. That journey began and continues at the Center Street church in Fayetteville. He and his wife Tasha have been married since July 2005, while students at Harding University. They have two children, Josh and Lilly.